Our team has over 75 years of sales and marketing experience.

How we do it?

We start by listening. Your passion and your culture are key to your brand and your growth. We listen to your team to better understand who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes you unique. Once we understand your company, then we analyze your sales and marketing strategies and tactics. We conduct an assessment of your sales processes, website, social media, advertising and branding to ensure they align. This analysis is provided to you along with recommendations to better align your messaging with your ideal customers.

  • We provide marketing consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • We offer social media management to create new clients through engaging content.
  • We grow your audience by optimizing your social media profiles across all platforms.
  • We will develop an effective sales strategy and ongoing training and support for your team.
  • We provide proven tools and resources for sales processes and marketing tactics.

Why we do it?

Small and medium-sized business are the engine of our economy. However, cash flow may not allow you to hire full-time, experienced sales and marketing professionals. Newbern Consulting was created to provide this needed expertise to ensure organizations reach their growth goals and full potential.

Newbern Consulting has developed a unique approach to support businesses with limited resources to invest in sales strategy, marketing processes like social media management and other marketing tactics. We have the proven ability to develop local value-added advertising and sponsorships with integrated social media and public relations campaigns to create sales opportunities. For example, we have worked on sales and marketing campaigns with companies and brands such as Allstate, CVS Health, Washington Redskins and the YMCA. We will recommend sustainable and measurable processes in the action plan to enable you to achieve maximum growth.


years of experience

Sales and marketing as a small business owner and in corporate marketing


Developed and conducted on marketing, sales and customer experience processes


Marketing, sales and customer experience strategies and processes


Business owners and Fortune 500 leaders trained in workshops

How we got started

While completing his MBA in 1999, Sedrik was asked to provide a marketing plan for a business to sell multipurpose, high-end copiers. This project was a success for the business and the spark that ignited his desire to help businesses grow.

Over the last twenty years, he has consulted with professional speakers, franchisees, startups and nonprofit organizations. Sedrik has shared his knowledge and experience with business leaders. He has written business plans for startups, developed sales and marketing strategies for product launches, as well as crafted social media campaigns to engage customers at a deeper level.

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